Bigówka automatyczna CYKLOS 450 SPEED

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Producent: CYKLOS
Kod produktu: 450_speed


Our most important device is the creasing, perforating and punching machine GPM 450 SPEED following on from the successful GPM 450 SA, the SPEED version provides a unique auto friction feed system enabling faster and higher output of creased and perforated sheets. We keep on developing more punching options, at the moment we dispose of wire punching tool 4x4 mm, 3:1 and 2:1, and the same punch with semi-circle hole in the middle designed for calendar punching. Latest accessory launched in January 2016 is Euro Punch tool.

AirSpeed 450 & TriFold 360NEW: Combine GPM 450 Speed with Folding Unit TriFold 360

Check this PDF to see all available punching tools for GPM 450 SPEED.

  • reliable friction feeding with speed up to 2500 A4 sheets/A4
  • large work table and working width suitable for A2 paper formats
  • touch screen display for easy setting of distance and number of creases
  • possibility of programme storage
  • two widths of fine creasing channels
  • easily exchangeable creasing, perforating and punching tools
  • optional wire punching tool
  • optional calendar punching tool
  • optional Euro Punch tool
  • optional cutting tool
  • high-quality anvil perforation
  • angle-adjustable paper stops on feeding table
  • adjustable feed pressure
  • telescopic feed table
  • mobile table for easy manipulation
  • batching







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