Falcerka CYKLOS TriFold 360

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Producent: CYKLOS
Kod produktu: trifold_360


Folding unit CYKLOS TriFold 360 is designed primarily for folding of pre-creased material up to 350 gsm. It is ideal to combine the unit with Cyklos creasers GPM 450 Speed or AirSpeed 450, however it might be used also with competing creasers by other brands. TriFold 360 enables to create 5 fold types including the most common 1/2, C or Z. The fold is being achieved by combination of manually adjustable fold plates and high-diameter rubber rollers. This simple and inexpensive but revolutionary solution allowed us to create one of the most demanded product in the world of low-production digital press.

pictogram fold types TriFold 360
  • profesional fold on all kinds of stock up to 350 gsm
  • 5 fold types including 3 most common (1/2, C, Z)
  • simple connection with Cyklos (and competing)
  • robust but simple construction for great price
  • precise, nicely ironed fold




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